Want to know how we captured 12 animals at our studio?!

You're in the perfect place! We are giving our best tips and tricks to capturing the love of your pet.

A special shoutout to Jennifer Kinney at Four County Vet in Bellevue Ohio. Dr. Kinney gifted her employees a photo session with their pets this past Christmas! We absolutely adore this wonderful team (and their adorable pets of course)!

Why is a photo session with your pet important?

Your pets are part of the family and moments captured of them will be cherished for years to come! I have a Goldendoodle at home and can't stop taking photos of him. I know one day I will be so grateful of the photos I have of him, especially my professional photos!

How do I make my session go smoothly?

Our golden rule is one adult = one pet! This gives us enough hands to manage each pet. We recommend paying close attention to your time slot so we only have one family of pets in the studio at a time, to keep other pets from being distracted. Another great tip is to prepare for your session beforehand! Pick your collars and colors before arriving at our studio. If you need help, please ask!

What should I do if my pup is not fully potty trained?

We recommend rethinking a photo session in the studio if your pup is not potty trained. However, we can make some accommodations. First, consider having a session outdoors so your pup has an area to go potty. Second, put your pup in a doggy diaper (this is a great option for older dogs too). Third, potty trained or not, we recommend a quick walk outside and potty time before entering the studio.

A few more pro tips:

  • Bring a few treats or toys to bribe your pet with! We may even include them in a few pics ;)
  • If your leash or collar has gone through lots of play times, consider grabbing a new one!
  • Pack some water and a bowl for any outdoor sessions.
  • Get your pup groomed before the session or give them a nice brush.