Merry Christmas!! 🎄❤️

We can't wait to see you this Christmas! We created guides below that include the best colors for our Christmas Minis. We highly recommend sticking with one of the color palettes below, as other options do not match the Christmas scenery as well.

Check out a few of our favorite tips. Plus find outfit recommendations from Amazon, with links!

AFA's Best Tips


~ Comfortable clothes, but don't be afraid to dress up a bit or stay casual!

~ Clothes with movement... this makes your photos so fun!

~ Subtle texture such as lace, knits, & tulle

~ Neutral color schemes

~ Simple is better!

  • SAY NO TO:

~ Formal clothes like tuxedos

~ Dark, neon, or saturated colors

~ Flannel or busy patterns

~ Text & graphics on t-shirts

~ Shaded lenses & sunglasses

  • Put your family in different shades of neutrals and then add a few pops of colors!
  • Start with one person! Pick out one outfit item and plan around that.
  • Don't forget shoes! We recommend matching your shoes to your top or having them compliment the entire outfit. If you can't find shoes, you may consider going barefoot!
  • Check out your outfits in front of a mirror! We always recommend sitting, squatting, leaning forward, and general movement.

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