A Winter Fairy Tale:

Tyler and Bernadette first met in high school. They were both too quiet and shy to start a friendship. It wasn’t until Bernadette showed up at band practice to find Tyler in the same band, at the same college, that this started to change! Both majoring in Music Ed and seeing each other every day had them becoming great friends! 

Hey! Baby Say Yes!

For as long as they can remember, it has always been a tradition for the Heidelberg Band to play Hey! Baby right before the 4th quarter of football games. Tyler was always the sousaphone player who would start playing a catchy bass line with the rest of the band quick to join in! 

The fall season after Tyler had graduated, he came back during their last football game and had the band play Hey! Baby before 4th quarter (even though they had not played it all season) and proposed in the stands. 

Fallin' for You:

When I asked the couple what they adore about each other, Bernadette answered, "I love how caring Tyler is for me and that he will do anything to make me happy. The way he plays with his siblings and the way he cares for them as an older brother is precious and shows me that he will be an amazing father for our kids. Lastly, his smile just brightens my day by a million every time I get to see it. It is a smile that makes life worth living and can just melt my heart."

Tyler answered, "I adore Bernadette's caring nature for all individuals. The day of my junior recital, Bernadette was so concerned for how nervous I was, so she kept my mind busy to ease my nerves. Even when it comes to her family, she is always there to help them. She is an incredibly selfless individual who brings the best out of everyone, and can bring light into any room."

The Big Day:

December 29th was a sunny, 60 degree winter day. Although they had imagined snow falling during their wedding, instead they had the most gorgeous sun shining through the glass windows of their church! 

They were married in their hometown church, Immaculate Conception, where they have been choir members for almost two years! This church had gorgeous stained glass windows and beautiful Christmas decor from the Christmas celebration 3 days prior to their wedding day. Bernadette and Tyler said their church feels like home for them, and they will now be able to cherish the place where they exchanged vows for years to come! 

The couple and their bridal party gathered at the church to get ready for their day. Bernadette and Tyler exchanged letters before the ceremony. There were many tears and giddy feelings when they read their letters. As the ceremony began, Bernadette walked down the aisle to see everyone there to celebrate their day and her groom at the end of the aisle crying tears of joy (this was Bernadette's favorite part)!

Let's Celebrate!

Once the gorgeous couple said their “I do’s” they were sent away with bubbles, cheers, and lots of love. One of Tyler's favorite parts (aside from seeing his bride come down the aisle), was getting to take pictures with their amazing friends! 

This bridal party was such a blast and had me laughing the entire time! From their "talented" dancing skills, to letting Tyler dress up in Bernadette's beautiful, fur cape, that fell to the floor.

Bernadette and Tyler, 

Your wedding day was nothing short of magical! Your love for each other is so evident to anyone you are surrounded by. Thank you for allowing A. Faith Arts to be part of this wonderful event and to capture these precious moments. Wishing you lots of blessings for years to come!

~Angela, A. Faith Arts

Vendor Credit:

  • Photographer: Angela of A. Faith Arts
  • Assistant photographer: Emi of EKB Photography 
  • Flowers: Tom Rodgers Flower in Tiffin
  • Dress: David's Bridal, alterations by Sally Warner
  • Makeup Artist: Sarah Zeigelhofer
  • Hair Stylists: Bernadette's sister Brittany
  • Reception Hall: Terra State, Neeley Center
  • Cheesecake: Simply Sweets- Cheesecakes by Holly
  • DJ services by Fauxstar Entertainment

"Everyone was so amazing and everything turned out better than we imagined! Thank you to everyone who put in so much work to help make our day special." - Mr. and Mrs. Schultz