Our best tips for a smooth wedding ceremony!

As wedding photographers, we have been to A LOT of different wedding ceremonies. Over the years, we have learned the best do's and dont's for your wedding day. So, we have compiled our favorite tips and tricks to keep your ceremony magical. Check them out below!

Get to know your officiant!

Your officiant leads a very emotional aspect of your wedding, so it is super important to get to know them. Before your big day, talk about your expectations and give them a run-down of important parts of the ceremony.

Bonus Tip:

Ask your officiant to move out of frame when you kiss. Nobody wants an extra person peeking out behind you!

Consider adding something special to you!

We love it when couples add something special. Take a look at this fun unity ceremony, they included a moment where they shared a PB and J sandwich. It was so THEM!

Pick a ceremony location close to your reception!

Having your ceremony close to your reception makes the transition much easier for you and your guests. Bonus points if your ceremony is in the same building as your reception!!

Keep your kiss magical!

Practice your kiss before your big day. We also recommend having another kiss in the middle of the aisle while your guests cheer!

Consider which side you want each family on!

Think about which side you will be facing when you and your partner hold hands. Make sure your family is on the side that you want so you can see their reactions throughout the ceremony!

We hope these tips help on your future wedding day. Looking for a wedding photographer with a ton of tips and tricks up their sleeve?! Inquire right here on our website!