This session holds a special place in my heart! Not only do I get to capture sweet moments of my sister and brother-in-law welcoming Baby Boy Smith into the world, but I was able to help them honor my niece, Aurora.

In May 2019, The Smith's had their first child, Aurora Noel Smith, as a stillborn at 25 weeks. I could say a million things about their strength as they went through something so difficult... but what amazes me most is that as Noel heals, she uses her experience to help others who have gone through something similar. She is passionate about speaking out and supporting others who have gone through infant loss and one day hopes to write a book!

Now, The Smiths are awaiting the arrival of their new baby boy, any day now! I am so confident that they will raise a little man as strong, caring, and kind as they are.

Congratulations Dustin & Noel! I'm so excited to meet your newest addition and capture every milestone as he grows.

~(Aunt) Angela, A. Faith Arts