The Becks

If you attended Bellevue or Monroeville schools, you most certainly know Mr. and Mrs. Beck (Coach Beck to be more specific). Coach Beck is not only a State Basketball Champion and beloved coach of the Monroeville eagles; but a beloved husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, as well as a mentor to hundreds of youth. However, if you ask Coach Beck who he is, he will tell you him and his wife are first and foremost Christians and Children of God.

Second, they are parents to Lindsay, Lexi, and now son in law, Casey; all of whom are also serving the Lord. When you meet the Becks, you just know something is different about them; their outlook, their love for others, their compassion. It is because of this strong faith, that they have been able to face Don's recent diagnosis with hope and grace.

The News

Lindsay's recent post about her Dads diagnoses perfectly sums up her families trust and faith during this time:

"Two months ago, dad was diagnosed with a brain cancer (Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma to be exact) that made our world shake.

According to the doctors, the odds are no where close to dads favor, he was given a short timeline, the numbers aren’t good, its “incurable”, nothing will help… BUT … GOD! Consuming and processing all of this information, Jesus has been overwhelmingly tangible! So much so that I started to keep a running note of all of the crazy outpour of blessings, answers, direction, and things people have shared that are meeting us right where we are daily!

In the midst of the fear, the questions, the unknown- all of us have experienced an indescribable peace when we “technically” should be anxious. When tests didn’t come back how we hoped & doctors were aggressively blunt, His promises couldn’t leave our minds and the bad news just didn’t stick. It’s not denial, it’s just faith. We already know who holds our life, who has defeated death, and who will have the ultimate say. So we lay every single fear, every single question, every single doubt at His feet, pray a verse over the situation and continue to choose to trust God in all of this.

He is a healer. In a breath, I KNOW my God could heal my dad from this “incurable” cancer BUT I also know how my God works. He does things in big, bold ways that show His power and only His. So our prayer now reflects the verse in John where Lazrusus’ sickness did not end in death, it happened so people would be amazed (!!), see God’s power, put their trust in Him, and He is glorified! Let that be dad’s story! Let us “be still and know” that He is God (psalm 46:10), He is going ahead of us and fighting for us/dad (Deuteronomy 1:30). And in all of this, JESUS. WILL. BE. GLORIFIED!""

At our A. Faith Arts photo session together, each of them took a moment to pray over Mr. Beck.

The Support

Not only do they have thousands of people praying for them, their community near and far showed their support to the Beck Family in a much bigger way. His basketball boys and their moms came together to sell T-shirts supporting Coach Beck. Their note to the community reads, "...this generous man has given so much of his time to the school, the kids, and the community and we'd like to give back to him". They sold more than 500 #CoachBeckStrong shirts to help raise money for him and his family during this difficult time. It's amazing that the community was able to come together like this!

To the Beck family, your unconditional love for Christ and for others is completely inspiring. We are all on your side praying for you and we are all... Coach Beck Strong.