With the holiday season in full swing, people everywhere are spreading Christmas cheer. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to focus on the gift of giving? Jim Griffin understood the importance of giving more than anyone. A husband, father, grandfather, Marine Corp Veteran, and most of all... the town's favorite holiday friend.

Besides his family, Jim was very passionate about two things; the Marine Corps and making sure others were safe and taken care of. This is why he spent years dedicated to making kids smile during Christmas. Jim volunteered for The Marine Corps organization Toys for Tots, and fell in love with the fellowship of the group. He was involved with the organization for over 20 years. Jim eventually became the area coordinator and was part of the original group that brought this organization to our local town of Bellevue. 

Jim's daughter, Kelly, states that her favorite Christmas memory of her father was when he got a call on Christmas Eve from a family in need. Without hesitation, Jim went to the store, gathered a large warm dinner, collected toys for the children, and hand delivered a Christmas miracle to the family. Kelly remembered her father always saying, "It's all about taking care of the kids." Jim passed away in 2018, but his family continues honoring his memory by keeping his spirit of charity alive. Jim's family is still extremely involved in volunteering for Toys for Tots and giving back to the community. 

To honor Jim's memory, A. Faith Arts has donated a portion of proceeds from the 2019 Christmas Mini Session to Toys for Tots. The Toys for Tots organization truly brings joy to families all around America and has been "Delivering Hope since 1947." A. Faith Arts donated an overflowing cart full of family friendly games for families to enjoy together far beyond Christmas time. 

Another fun fact about our friend; Jim loved projects. Long ago, Jim and his wife saw an old Ford truck in a nearby town that looked similar to one that Jim used to have while growing up on his families farm. They knew they just had to have it! This truck became Jim's lifelong project and his goal was to drive it around in parades. This was the same truck that A. Faith Arts was fortunate enough to use at our Christmas Mini Sessions to bring us back full circle in our Christmas Story to honor our friend Jim. 

Thank you, Jim, for inspiring us to spread the spirit of giving during this holiday season! Merry Christmas!